Spacex Dragon 2 Capsule

The pressurized section of the spacecraft, also referred to as the capsule, is designed to carry both cargo and humans into space. Towards the base of the capsule but outside the pressurized structure are the Draco thrusters, Dragon's guidance navigation and control (GNC) bay and Dragon’s advanced heat shield.

The SpaceX Dragon CRS variant approaching the ISS during the C2+ mission in May 2012.

Today, SpaceX unveiled its Dragon Version 2 spacecraft, the next generation spacecraft designed to carry astronauts to Earth orbit and beyond.

Dragon 2 (also Crew Dragon, Dragon V2, or formerly DragonRider) is the second version of the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft, which will be a human-rated vehicle. It includes a set of four side-mounted thruster pods with two SuperDraco engines each, which can serve as a launch escape system or launch abort system (LAS). Also, it has much larger windows, new flight computers and avionics, and ...

SpaceX's Dragon Version 2 capsule will carry seven astronauts to the International Space Station. See how it works in this infographic.

SpaceX leases Cape Canaveral home for Crew Dragon. Dragons flying astronauts to the ISS will be prepared for launch in Area 59, a former Air Force satellite processing facility.

Structure. Le vaisseau Dragon est composé de deux sous-ensembles : la capsule qui revient au sol après la mission dans laquelle se trouve la partie pressurisée et une partie évidée non pressurisée dans laquelle est transporté le fret destiné à être stocké à l'extérieur de la station spatiale.

The manned version of the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft is ready to undergo a series of crucial safety tests in a bid to return America to manned spaceflight. Nasa hopes the capsule, dubbed Dragon V2, will be ready to take astronauts to and from the International Space Station by 2017. SpaceX recently ...

Elon Musk may launch two people to the moon with SpaceX's new Falcon Heavy rocket. Here's what Apollo astronaut Jim Lovell says the experience may feel like.

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dragon v2 interior 2

Spacex Shows Off Dragon V2 Its Brand New Manned Space Capsule

spacex s dragon v2

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spacex dragon capsule inside facility with technician climbing ladder to top and second technician standing nearby

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Dragon Version 2 Spacex S Next Generation Manned Spacecraft Spacex

dragon version 2 spacex s next generation manned spacecraft

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