Slender Man Not Guilty

Because the Slender Man's fictional "mythology" has evolved without an official "canon" for reference, his appearance, motives, habits, and abilities are not fixed ...

A judge has sentenced one of the two Wisconsin teenagers accused of stabbing their friend in the woods to please the online fictional character Slender Man ...

Morgan Geyser, the second suspect in Wisconsin's infamous "Slender Man" trial, has reached a plea deal that will allow her to avoid prison.

One of 2 girls charged in Slender Man stabbing case pleads guilty to lesser charge. Anissa Weier would plead guilty to a new charge of attempted 2nd-degree homicide ...

One of two Wisconsin girls charged with repeatedly stabbing a classmate to impress the fictitious horror character Slender Man pleaded guilty Monday, but ...

One of the Wisconsin teens accused of stabbing a classmate in order to impress the fictional "Slender Man" pleaded guilty on Monday

One of two Wisconsin girls who attempted to kill a classmate in 2014 in an effort to please the fictional horror character “Slender Man has been sentenced.

It’s extremely rare for young girls to attempt murder. These two 12-year-olds did so to prove their allegiance to Slender Man

A judge Thursday set the length of a mental commitment for a 15-year-old girl convicted in the Slender Man stabbing case at 25 years.

WAUKESHA, Wis. -- One of two Wisconsin girls who attempted to kill a classmate to win favor with a fictional horror character named Slender Man was ...

Accused Slenderman Stabber Pleads Not Guilty Due To Mental

accused slenderman stabber pleads not guilty due to mental illness reports

Slender Man Stabbing Not Guilty Pleas Entered For Teens Abc News

Judge Enters Not Guilty Plea For Teen Girls In Slender Man

judge enters not guilty plea for teen girls in slender man stabbing case trial set for october

Wisconsin Girl Pleads Insanity In Slender Man Attack Daily Mail

morgan geyser above in april 14 pleaded not guilty friday by reason

Jury Accepts Accepts Insanity Defense In Slender Man Stabbing

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