Rocket Launch Hits Firmament

Here is a case of a Nasa launched rocket slamming into God's Firmament/Dome Also see at:

Rocket hitting the flat earth dome... Explained! - Duration: 3:29. ... New GoPro rocket video supports NASA hoax with fish eye lens!!! - Duration: 3:30. Peter Pan 290,526 views. 3:30. Planes CRASH into "Invisible Shield" of Flat Earth's Dome Firmament in Antarctica | FE PROOF 4 pt2 - Duration: 3:49. Feed Your Mind 1,646,321 views. 3 ...

I dont know how to post videos but check this out if you havent seen it. I was informed of this by crrow777 and it supposedly shows a rocket hitting the top of the dome. I dont think we can leave this

ROCKET HITTING THE FLAT EARTH FIRMAMENT (DOME)! NEXT VIDEO; Skier Nearly Gets Smashed By Crashing Drone During Run RELATED MEDIA. When Something Hits Earth's Glass Dome Meet One Of The World's Most Diehard Flat Earthers Shaquille O'Neal Believes That The Earth Is Flat Iron Dome Intercepts 15 Rockets At Once Flat Earthers Doing What They Do Best ...

But morons will say that the rocket is descending, but it somehow hits the "dome" which is uuuh up? And wayyyy up? Like 7000 miles up? I would think it wpuld be out of sight by then. Unless the launch these next to the edge of the world and that seems pretty silly. Or maybe its magic, or Satans cgi workshop at it again. Or maybe flat earth ...

Rocket slams into firmament:dome Back . Here is ... The Firmament Dome Over Flat Earth. MUST SEE! Night Time Balloon Hits Dome At 115.000 Ft !!!!? (FLAT OR GLOBE EARTH?). Sending Thor to Smash the Firmament? by BHI1524 ...

Latest Rocket Test Crash With the firmament Dome Over the Flat earth ( submitted 4 months ago by icalistus. 9 comments; share ; save; hide. report; all 9 comments. sorted by: best. top new controversial old random q&a live (beta) Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. adydurn 6 points 7 points 8 points 4 ...

Rocket slams into firmament:dome. Here is a case of a Nasa launched rocket slamming into God's Firmament/Dome Also see at:

Here is a case of a Nasa launched rocket slamming into God's Firmament/Dome Also see at:

AN AMATEUR ROCKET HITS A BARRIER 70 MILES UP This is amazing footage of a rocket hitting the lower surface of the firmament about 70 miles up. I show t... - Nine Eleven - Google+

Rocket Hitting The Flat Earth Firmament Dome Video Ebaum S

rocket hitting the flat earth firmament dome

Flat Earth Under The Firmament Part 3 Rocket Launch Proves Flat

flat earth under the firmament part 3 rocket launch proves flat earth moon and sun opposite earth

Rocket Slams Into Firmament Dome Youtube

Rocket Hits Firmament Dome Flat Earth Youtube

rocket hits firmament dome flat earth

Must See 2 Rockets Hit The Dome On Flat Earth Marie Tahergorabi2

2 rockets hit the dome on flat earth marie tahergorabi2 minutes ago

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