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... this list included the surprise placement of present-day flamethrower salesman Elon Musk, CEO of The Boring Company. ... Elon Musk, and Zephram Cochrane. ...

Elon Musk? Zefram Cochrane? ... First Contact — Zephram Conchrane becomes the first human to travel faster than light in the year 2063. ... Follow inverse on Flipboard;

Star Trek: Discovery’s Captain Lorca implied Musk was as important as the Wright Brothers and the inventor of the fictional warp drive; Zephram Cochrane. But, we now know Lorca wasn’t from “our” universe, but instead, the evil Mirror Universe. This suddenly casts his reference to Elon Musk in a totally different light.

Alongside the Wright Brothers, Elon Musk, Zefram Cochrane? ... Zephram Cochrane - invented warp drive and had first contact with the Vulcans; Elon Musk ...

Zefram Cochrane (also known as Zephram Edark Cochrane) was a Human male who lived in the mid 21st century.

Zefram Cochrane (also known as Zephram ... Cochrane's name as an inventor went alongside Elon Musk and the Wright Brothers. Cochrane also had the unsung ...

This is the reason why Elon Musk was mentioned ... Zephram Cochrane... ... Elon Musk was mentioned simply because he is the contemporary figure associated with flight ...

Zefram Cochrane is a fictional character in the Star Trek universe. Created by writer Gene L. Coon, the character first appeared in the 1967 Star Trek episode ...

Elon Musk Gets A Nod As A Space Pioneer From Star Trek Discovery

elon musk ranks alongside the wright brothers and the scientist who brought warp speed light to humanity according to star trek discovery

Elon Musk Name Drop In Star Trek Discovery Youtube

elon musk name drop in star trek discovery

Anton De Villiers On Twitter Isco Elonmusk You Know You Are

anton de villiers on twitter isco elonmusk you know you are immortal when you are mentioned in the same sentence as nikola tesla on star trek

Star Trek Discovery Name Drops Elon Musk With A Dramatic

according to memory alpha the star trek wiki an eccentric genius zefram cochrane was the inventor of warp drive on earth and became the first recorded

Elon Musk Zefram Cochrane Album On Imgur

elon musk zefram cochrane

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